Twelve is timeless but quick


These designs may look like they take a long time to construct but they do not.  With a few foundation concepts in natural geometry, they are laid out in minutes and most of the time is spent thinking about what to do with the controlling geometry that lays waiting.



Workshop in Ocean Shores Jan 13 2018


Saturday’s event wen amazing and about 30 people came out to geoscribe with me. I met a bunch of wonderful people and hopefully I will see you all at the next event. Stay tuned for the dates. Thanks to Kimberly for all great pictures and Stephanie Morton for the article she wrote to promote this. Thanks again for coming out and supporting this ancient craft.

Check some pictures:


Justin The Circler will bring the tools and give simple instruction to those who want to try and get zen in the cold sand. Its easy, its fun and anyone can do it. Come out and try it, lets talk philosophy, art, science, business and make some wild designs. Take a picture of your creations, you will be surprised at what your capable of. Football will be waiting for you when you get back and the Seahawks don’t start until 4;30. Go past the RV park and the Best Western to the beach, when on the beach take a right (north) and look for black and white.