The Irish Crews

 It was a wet Irish day and I had the privileged to meet up with others who draw on the ground. Sean Corcoran and Joe Lonergan from the The Art Hand took us around their local beaches to show off their sandy canvases. 

Sara Kubiak and Matthew Hart  from West Cork Sand Circles tend to have a crop circle influence while Joe and Sean are more free form with their organic shapes.  I was intrigued by their tools, methods and origin stories.  It is wonderful to meet others that have developed their craft in complete isolation but yet have the same issues, ideas and concepts. 


Sean took us back to his colorful home filled with his own art and back into his invention room to share an idea he was working on for a new tool – top secret.  This was exciting because we all independently had a similar thought to create a specific effect on the sand but each of us had a slightly different variation on the tool that would be best used.  We swapped ideas and will be expecting to see this effect show up in our next pieces.  Let the innovation begin!  



I tend to keep designs small and focus on the perfection and geometry of the shapes but now spending some time with these two Irish crews I am inspired to go big when I get back to the beach.  I will plan on some large events that will have a set design and will take many helping rakes to complete.  Thanks to you all!

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  • Joe lonergan, descendant of Brian Boru’s brother February 20, 2018   Reply →

    Great day out with Justin, Ariya, Sara, Matt, Miranda, Matilda, Fina and Sean on the#coppercoast#Arthand. The variety of tools and the lack of them was interesting, it was like the evolution of tool making, Justin and Ariya had had the 21st century version, Matt and Sara had your basic brush handle and nylon line with both teams using the same system and last, but not least, Sean and yours truly wondering what all the fuss was about with rakes in hand. Enjoy the dillisk (seaweed) Justin and give my regards to Seattle.

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