Hands On Learning is Fun!

Turning Circles 123 is a new and innovative company with an ancient approach to teaching and learning.  We take the timeless subject of natural geometry and present it in a fun and interactive way.  Our zero-tech workshops use simple tools like sticks, string and chalk to teach children and educators basic building blocks of shape, symmetry, proportion and geometry.  If possible, we take classes outside onto dry pavement and they use large drafting tools to explore the infinite realm of geometry while moving their bodies and exciting their minds.  The sense of completion and act of exploration gives the student a memorable experience that can be forever accessed and used.


Our first course will go through fundamental concepts like equilateral triangles, perpendicular lines, halving and doubling angles, etc. By the third and fourth class we will prove the Pythagorean theory, estimate non constructible numbers such as seven and nine, and construct a 3, 4, 5 triangle.  If we continue our curriculum we introduce fractals, ellipses, spirals, and the age old pursuit of squaring the circle.  Our workshops accommodate any skill level and can be done in a class room with typical drafting tools or outside with our custom tools.

We will tailor our workshops for your school to parallel with your school’s current lessons.  We use Common Core vocabulary and lessons to stay  consist with testing and student performance.

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