Is your team becoming a bit disconnected?
Has creativity and out-of-the-box thinking dropped off?
Does your team need a fun activity that can be done on site?

Turning Circles will bring custom tools and unique exercises to a designated location and hold a fun workshop designed to help communication and excite cognitive thinking giving your team that extra something to hit that next deadline.  We have many fun yet challenging missions teams can work together and solve while putting a smile on their face.

Its not all fun and games though, as the workshop goes on the missions become harder and may be down right impossible but this is for your team to determine and still find a solution for – much like real work situations.

If its purely fun that is desired, your team can work together to design or recreate the company’s logo or a unique design on the ground were communication and cooperation is key.  We can fly a drone up to take pictures of your teams creations for a fun memorabilia.

The great thing about using ancient tools and timeless geometric concepts is the workshops can tailor to your industry, size, and corporate culture.  This activity may not directly relate to your industry but natural geometry relates to all industries in an indirect way.


Our schedule is filling up fast so contact us for pricing and book your event today!