12, A new day

This was after a hard night rain that made the sand have those interesting ripples all over.  12 is the controlling geometry behind this simple design.

8 for the birds

This is one of my favorites and I think I will start a series based off this style.  The design was simple but the birds posed a challenge.  I waited for some time and right before the ocean washed the design away the birds came and enjoyed it to get this photo – thanks birds.

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8 is infinitely balanced

Eight comes naturally from the four and the four emerges from perpendicular lines.  The creation of the Universe used four and eight in its wondrous  creation to balance the forces and maintain an equilibrium.  

4 is stable and grounded

Perpendicular lines inherently generate the four in geometric terms.  Balance, stable, earth, truth, equality, direction, elements, all have the four at their heart and deserve great concentration and focus.