Justin became possessed by an ancient and powerful craft he calls geoscribing, geodrafting, or simply circling.  He has built many large drafting tools to scribe the timeless geometric elements onto the ground – lines and circles. 


He began around 2010 doing mathematics on the driveway while his daughter drew rainbows with her sidewalk chalk.  The oversize number theories, algebraic endeavors, and geometric constructions filled the driveway and looked as if they held great power compared to his illegible notebooks.  The large mathematics also had an appealing hint of madness as only he could decipher the glyphs.  While on a sandy beach in Mexico he searched for sticks and rope to make a compass with.  He drew his first perfect circle design in the sand and a bridge to the ancient world crossed the spans of time and gave him a peek into the far past.  


Once circles could be turned he became dedicated to developing this craft fully; he just needed to develop the methods to make a line that matched the circles’s perfection.  Interestingly, a circle was easily formed while the line that could match the circle’s perfection was far more difficult. This inequality between a line and circle was due to the simplicity of a compass compared to the two people needed to make the straight line. He spent weeks, months, and years obsessed with reinventing the tools and traveling down the mental paths of his ancient predecessors.  


In this philosophical process the learning progression felt like a microcosm of the entire human advancement of shapes, writing, logic and symbolism.  Like early humanity, Justin began with just sticks and rope advancing his craft to many tools, techniques and concepts that must have been used by ancient thinkers as well.  He initiated himself into the ancient ways of measurement, art, math and philosophy with countless prototypes stacked up.  Justin says, “this path of relearning was like walking through eons of history”.  Clues from Sumerian, Egyptian, and Greek pictures, statues, and texts helped him through this journey.  Now with many techniques and notebooks full of designs, he emerges a messenger from the past with fire in his hands.