Sacred geometry is a term used to describe the inherent shapes and ratios that spring forth from simple combinations of the most basic elements: the point, line, and circle

The point, line and circle are perfect in all the ways they can be, a circle is perfectly curved and line perfectly straight, etc.  Therefore, these elements can be seen as Gods of creation and any natural combination of them is divine or a creation of God(s).  But there is much more to the story. 

What is seldom spoke of regarding sacred geometry is the process that is taken to arrive at these divine shapes and proportions.  If one works with perfect elements to make perfect constructions, the process itself should match the used elements' perfection.  The main rule in sacred geometry is each step manifests from previous steps; every starting point is an intersection made from the last step, every distance used has already came forth in a precious step.  There are many logical and repeatable sequences to any construction of importance and is the geometer's role to find and practice the best methods. These varying methods of construction grants the geometer free will to determine what the "best" method is for a given construction.  The most efficient constructions are beautiful and mimic the creation of reality.